Imelda Romualdez  Marcos
 A Showcase Of Extravagance
The Cory Aquino Government formed the Presidential 
Commission on Good Government (PCGG) after the fall of the Marcos Conjugal Dictatorship in 1986.  Its prime objective is the sequestration of the ill-gotten assets of Ferdinand E. Marcos, his relatives and cronies, and to preserve and maintain these until their final litigation. The PCGG failed of its expectation to recover swiftly the so-called ill-gotten wealth amassed by Marcos, relatives and  his cronies.  Many of the sequestered assets were looted, plundered and vandalized. As a result the  Philippine government lost millions.  Former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos built posh edifices through out her reign.  Imelda stored valuable art works like priceless paintings of Filipino masters, European artists and Russian religious icons in Santo Niño Shrine, Tacloban, Leyte.  Many of these art objects have now been reported missing. Many of these have been declared as fakes.  Were they also bought from Vietnam? 
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I'm looking for the Marcos' hidden wealth!


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